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The Ocean’s Holyrood Initiative acts as the catalyst that brings together all three levels of government, industry and community partners, and post-secondary institutions to create the necessary growth in Newfoundland and Labrador’s ocean economy.

By working together, the Ocean’s Holyrood Initiative can help you start or expand your business in Holyrood. Whether you avail of the resources at the BeachHead Innovation Centre & Suites, the Blue Ocean Industrial Park, the Stores at Holyrood, or the Oceana Cold Ocean Research & Innovation Hub, you will be equipped with the tools and support for success.

Let’s work together – we are eager to work with industry players and research experts to further enhance the global ocean economy. And as a public economic development platform, the Ocean’s Holyrood Initiative is available to work with you to ensure your success.

Nice to meet you – we’re friendly, we’re accepting, and we’re motivated. Our team will get to know you on a first name basis to understand how we can help you and your business succeed.

Get to know Holyrood – whether you’re looking to open or expand a business, conduct research in the area, or make a lifestyle change and call Holyrood home, we have plenty of resources available to help make your decision. We will help you understand the benefits of our location, labour force, and lifestyle.

The business case – our team will work every step of the way to help solidify the business case for your move to Holyrood. Be it average salaries, labour availability, comparative and competitive analyses, we have the information you’ll need.

Come see for yourself – interested in travelling to the area to get a first-hand look? Let’s make it happen! We’ll create a custom itinerary for you and your team to view commercial spaces, shovel-ready lots, and tour future development sites, and organize meetings with the right groups and stakeholders to identify potential partnerships, synergies, and incentives. Come enjoy a day in the life so you can experience what it’s like to live, work, and play here.

Grow in Holyrood – once you’ve chosen Holyrood as your new home, we will continue to work with you to identify future growth opportunities. We’ll provide information on conferences and networking events, continuously suggest stakeholders and organizations that can work with you, and identify strategic resources that will make sure you succeed.

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