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In Holyrood, a one of a kind ocean environment awaits you. Our community’s size allows us to be flexible, collaborative, and most importantly, authentic. Our promise to you is to work with you to achieve your goals – whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to open a business, an existing business looking to expand, an organization seeking top talent, or an ocean researcher with the desire to avail of our pristine harbour. Holyrood is where ocean innovation comes ashore.


Located on Canada’s east coast, Holyrood is the ideal location for all ocean-related industries. With access to some of the coldest waters in the world, a pristine harbour with world-class research facilities, and ample land available for development, Holyrood is the place to be.


A coastal community with large city potential, Holyrood is a place where business, research, people, and opportunity connect to build a sustainable ocean industry. It’s an ecosystem built for innovation.


Holyrood boasts a talent pool that is skilled, diverse, deep, and motivated to be part of something special. More than 60% of the workforce holds a post-secondary degree or certificate.  


Every year, Holyrood welcomes families, workers, and businesses to the area, who fall in love with the salt air and supportive community. With its big-city potential and small-town feel, Holyrood promotes research and industry, in a relaxed environment.

Memorial University’s Marine Institute Launches New Ocean Innovation Hub and Dedicates New Building to Former President

Memorial University’s Fisheries and Marine Institute announced today a new ocean innovation hub that will see the Holyrood Marine Base renamed as The Launch.  Its newest building at the facility was also dedicated as the Dr. Arthur W. May Building. The Launch...

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announces $3.4M GeoScan Project

GeoScan to allow wider 3D acoustic scans of depths greater than 30m sub-seabed to support the growing offshore wind sector. To read more, please visit https://oceansupercluster.ca/geoscan-project/?fbclid=IwAR0beBBdftITdJ7B6h4wBucvZRNGlL4bVAQrtAydad55vpyMuf9IXVv0eSM

Request for Proposals

Cold Ocean Business Development / Research & Innovation Park The Town of Holyrood invites proposals from qualified developers for the purchase, servicing, and development of approximately 19.764 hectares (approx. 48.83 acres)...

We’re excited to see this happening right here, in Holyrood!

Congratulations to the Marine Institute and their partners Ocean Networks Canada on the installation of a seafloor observatory in the Holyrood Harbour. The observatory enables real-time monitoring of oceanographic conditions and marine life in Conception Bay. This...

Marine Base, Holyrood build ‘portal to the sea’

As part of their "Defining a Decade" retrospective for the MUN Gazette, Kim Thornhill – Marine Institute's marketing manager – profiled the development of the Holyrood Marine Base since it's opening in 2010. The base was designed as a proof-of-concept for an ocean...


“I started my own businesses when I had my kids, because I wanted more flexibility, and a space like the Beachhead Innovation Center offers me that.”

Ashley Smith

B.Sc., M.Eng, LEED AP & BeachHead Co-working Tenant

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Community Highlight

A small town with huge potential, Holyrood is the place to be. We have all of your everyday needs – local shops and restaurants, miles of hiking trails, sport facilities, parks and fields, and so much more. We are an energetic town that embraces our storied past. Whether you are looking for a place to do business, or looking for a new opportunity, Holyrood is the place for you!

You’ll be impressed by our eagerness to do business, and dazzled by the support we provide to ensure your long-term success. Our community is a diverse group of residents, workers, and businesses that come from all different backgrounds. But what makes Holyrood special is our ability to bring together all aspects of our community to continue growing our town.

Holyrood Economic Development Plan

We are on the cusp of great things in the ocean industry. We have the incentives in place, the support systems developed, and the most knowledgeable team around. Holyrood is the place to be for ocean research and innovation. And to ensure our long-term sustainability, we have created an economic development plan to guide our future growth. 

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